Luxury Business Cards

Luxury Business Cards - "Silk + Spot UV Gloss"

Whether you call it spot varnish, spot gloss or spot UV, this is one of the hottest trends in up-market business cards. To create a "Luxury card" we place Spot UV on durable 10pt, 11pt, 15pt or 16pt silk laminated card stock. Simply choose the elements you want to be glossed (see Mask File Service (?) in the options). When observed from any light source, the spotted elements shine.


Expect a 5-8 business day production time depending on add-on options. Luxury business cards ship from our California production facility so if you need expedited shipping, choose an option in our shopping cart. Quantity is per set


Please click on the next to each option to see details and limitations.


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Price Calculator

Choose your paper thickness: 10pt, 11pt, 15pt, 16pt. The higher the number the heavier the card.


Only one side Spot UV permitted on 10pt.

One side or both sides printed. Default is 2 sides.

We can round your four corners much like on a credit card. If you want less than 4 corners rounded, make your preference known in the comment box during check-out. No extra charge on the Luxury Cards.


If you prefer a particular corner radius cut, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Spot UV (spot varnish) is just that, a gloss on just certain elements. We'll need a mask file to indicate what elements to shine. You can provide one yourself or have us do it (choose mask service).

View instructions for mask files HERE.

You must submit a mask file for each side that you want to Spot UV (gloss). You can provide this or we can provide this service for you if you choose this option. If you choose our service, tell us what elements you want glossed in the details box at check-out.

A mask file is a separate design that gives instructions to the printer on what elements to Spot UV. It consists of those elements in 100% black (K) and all other elements white.

For instructions in Mask File Preparation click HERE.

Although our standard Spot UV Luxury Cards are very nice, this is one step up. Through an exclusive process, we double spot gloss your chosen element(s). This gives a discernable raised effect which you can see and feel. Not to be confused with "raised print business cards", this is done in full process color on fine silk card stock in 11pt and 15 pt (11 pt UV spot one side only). NA on 16pt. Please keep spot UV to 40% or less of the card.    

Foil stamping involves laying down a smooth shiny reflective foil to highlight shapes, logos or company names. Not appropriate for small text or fine lines. Available in silver and gold. For other colors see our Akuafoil cards.


Foil can shift up to 1/16" so keep this in mind when fabricating your design. We can do foil over an embossment. We cannot print over foil. One side only except on 16pt, same color foil both sides.


You need to submit a foil mask file: Instructions

Foil business cards

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