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NEW! Spot UV on Matte

Our popular Luxury silk cards place a targeted gloss (spot UV) on certain elements of the design. Now we can give a similar effect but at a greatly reduced cost! Here we place spot UV on our classic card medium-heavy 14pt matte card stock. They show about the same very soft sheen as our Luxury silk cards but they are not laminated. It's a great value!


This is an economical upgrade from our Classic Cards. We dare say this is the best value in a professional customized card that you'll find anywhere! Just decide where on your card front design you want the UV spot gloss. Some choose the important text or logos. Or you can get creative and use a glossy pattern on the background of your card to add dazzle to your design.


Previously only our high-end Luxury cards with the silk laminate finish were eligible for the spot UV treatment. For these new offerings, you will get the same spot UV effect on our smooth CS2 15pt classic matte cardstock.


Spot UV on matte does not have the super soft touch of the Luxury cards, nor are they as long lasting. But this matte features a pro grade smooth finish on a sturdy heavier grade card stock. Order from 200 to 10,000 and don't forget to communicate to us what elements you want us to apply the spot gloss.



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Show your clients the elegance of rounded corners. If you want less than all 4 cornerrs, let us know in the shopping cart details box.

Chosee one side or both. No extra charge for full color, both sides.

You can add Spot UV to on both sides.

You must submit a mask file for each side that you want to Spot UV (gloss). You can provide this or we can provide this service for you if you choose this option. If you choose our service, tell us what elements you want glossed in the details box at check-out.

A mask file is a separate design that gives instructions to the printer on what elements to Spot UV. It consists of those elements in 100% black (K) and all other elements white.

For instructions in Mask File Preparation click HERE.

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